Budgie Content is not just another content company trying to play the same production game with less money. We are many content producers with proven workflow wrapped up in one place. We connect the advertising world to the content producers. And because we come from advertising production we know how to shepherd success with the partnership of our agency clients and our content artists. We can create, produce, shoot, design, post and finish. We do it with a cost effective workflow and we do it with excellence. We are the solution that works.


Max Kopanygin / LG / Budgie Content

Sophomore / OMVIC / Budgie Content

Nathan J. Haynes / Unionville High School / Silverpoint Media

Nathan J. Haynes / Berretta Farms / Silverpoint Media

Paul Short / Piller’s / Budgie Production

Sophomore / Children’s Wish Foundation 'Roxy” / Budgie Production

Sophomore / Self Love Club / Sophomore Production

Max Kopanygin / Roses Dance Video / Max Kopanygin Production

Nathan J. Haynes / Unionville Home Society / Nathan J. Haynes Production

Boombox / Uncontainable / Red Bull Production

Sophomore / Iberia / Sophomore Production